Virgin Lesbos

The first to recover was their mistress. She pushed with
her feet her slaves from between her legs where they had
collapsed into small heap after the intensity of their orgasms.
Their mistress ordered them to their feet. They struggled
to obey as quickly as they could. “Hurry sluts! Hurry! There
are things to be done!”
She stood up and strode from the room bellowing, “Follow me
my whores. It is nearly time for dinner! Go to your rooms and
put on the clothes that are there for you!”
Their Mistress left the room and hurried back up the
corridor and back up into the house. The three girls slowly
followed groggily, still overcome to a large extent by the
intensities of their orgasm. They helped and supported one
another as they staggered up into the house.
They found the familiar corridor once more and their rooms,
each still marked with the first letter of their names. Dianne
entered first. She notice the other door in the room was open
and inside was large bathroom. She pulled what remained of her
clothing off and went and into the bathroom. Inside she
discovered that it was a communal shower with a large number of
nozzles jutting out into a tiled area. She noticed that there
were other doors along the same wall as the one she had entered.
There were also large shelves on which were placed neatly folded
The room was empty. So shrugging her shoulders to herself
she decided to shower. As she stood under the stream of hot
water she felt it flow over her breasts and down her body to
between her legs. It ran over her pussy which was still aching
from a need to be fucked properly. As she stood there she
thought of her Mistress and the other women. She thought about
how good it would be to lick their pussies and to fingerfuck
their wet cunts. As her eyes closed to better visualise it, her
hands began to roam over her body. Squeezing and rubbing her
breasts. She pinched her nipples and felt them harden under the
stream of water, growing achingly tender.
Suddenly she felt someone beside her and she looked around
to see her fellow slave, Jennifer beside her under the shower.
Jennifer smiled at her and said, “That looks like fun! Can I
help at all?” Dianne slid easily into her arms and they kissed.
They lips met and their tongues playfully entwined. Their
breasts met and rubbed together, their nipples hardening. Their
bodies just seemed to flow into each other, their hips and
stomach’s nested together and shaved pussies pushed against each
other’s thighs. Their hands played up and down each other’s
backs, rubbing, scratching lightly. They hugged tighter together
as Dianne’s hand’s found Jennifer’s buttocks and grasped them
As Dianne pulled her buttocks apart, Jennifer felt something
light and feathery touch her small anal ring. Pulling away
momentarily for second she became aware of Karen, kneeling behind
her licking her bum hole. It sent shivers of delight up her
spine and she thrust her arse back against Karen’s flicking
Jennifer’s fingers had found Dianne’s cunt and she was
pulling and poking at the bloated pussy lips, opening it up. She
found her clitoris and Dianne slumped against Jennifer with the
intensity of lust she felt course through her nerves from her
cunt directly to her brain. She bent over and found one of
Jennifer’s large breasts and its big, ripe, red cherry of a
nipple. She slowly lathed her tongue around and it before
thrusting it into her mouth where she sucked on it.
Karen’s tongue had moved from the lovely little arsehole she
was licked and she was now sitting with her head leaning back,
between Jennifer’s legs sucking on her pussy. Her tongue stroked
first up one side and then down the other of her cunt lips,
tasting the juices which were trickling out of her pouting quim.
She found the erect clitoris nesting between the lips and flicked
her tongue against it. Jennifer jumped and thrust her pussy
harder against Karen’s face, rubbing it all over it.
Dianne moved to the other breast and treated it in a similar
manner. Jennifer felt like her breasts were about to burst from
the pressure inside them. It was like they were on fire and only
the licking and sucking of Dianne could put them out. Her knees
had grown weak and she was slowly collapsing onto the floor atop
of Karen’s darting tongue. She felt like she was in heaven
having these two beautiful women making love to her.
As she lowered herself atop Karen, Dianne pushed her back,
until she was lying on her back atop Karen. She rolled over into
the classic 69 position the water drumming on her back and
running over her onto Karen. Her backside was thrust into the
air and Dianne grasped it and pulled her cheeks apart exposing
the anus again. As Karen began to lick her cunt, Dianne licked
her arse. She felt like she was on fire in both holes, with
tongues, fingers and mouths roving around and making delicious
contact. It made her redouble her own efforts, pulling Karen’s
fat lips apart and exposing her sweet, pinker inner flesh with
its clitoris sticking up. As she flicked her tongue over that
beautiful nubbin of flesh Karen moaned and groaned in delight.
Just as Jennifer felt herself starting to coming, pleasure
was exploding from her clitoris in waves of feeling, the hot
water which was coursing over her body suddenly changed to
freezing cold. All three women were startled out of their sexual
reverie and scrambled from the shower. They suddenly found
themselves facing a large, well muscled man dressed in leather,
carrying a large, wicked looking whip in his hand. He was
looking at them with quite a scowl on their face as they shivered
in the sudden cold.
“What the fuck do you sluts think your doing?” He growled.
“Don’t you realise that you have to serve dinner to our Mistress
in 10 minutes? Now hurry it up! Dry yourself of and get
dressed!” As he shouted the last orders at them he cracked his
whip wickedly just behind their backsides. They hurried dried
each other off under his watchful gaze.
Each woman hurried into her room. Karen opened her cupboard
and found that inside were hung a new costume. It consisted of
Nun’s Habit made of see through silk. Having been raised as a
Catholic she was a little surprised but hastened to put it on.
She first put on the silk stockings and suspender belt, then the
silk quarter cup bra and the crutchless knickers. Over that went
the gown and then the surplus. Then on went the headdress and
she looked in the mirror. She reminded herself of the Nun’s she
remembered from her childhood, except none had worn four inch
stilettos or a see through Habit!
Jennifer opened her cupboard wondering what she would find.
Inside was only a black silk harem girl’s outfit. It was unusual
in that it was basically open down each side, with quite a wide
gap, but clung closely to her front and back. It revealed the
sides of her large breasts, her hips and legs. It just covered
her backside and each cheek of her buttocks was clearly visible
through each side. It fitted quite closely to her crutch and
rubbed quite nicely against her still excited cunt. Also
included where a lot of jewellery, bangles, ankle chains and a
gauzy veil which covered the lower half of her face. Looking in
her mirror she looked like something which had escaped from the
`Arabian Nights’.
Dianne went into her room and opened her cupboard. Inside
was a schoolgirl’s uniform! She was surprised but realising time
was passing hurriedly put it on. She rolled on the stockings and
attached them to the suspender belt and then fastened the
peekaboo bra which she found in the cupboard as well. After
pulling on the tiny pair of silk knickers she then put on the
white cotton blouse and the gymslip skirt. It barely covered the
tops of her stockings and was deliciously short. She then put
on the plain shoes and the hat. She looked liked a tart, dressed
in her school uniform. She was still hot from not having gained
any release in the shower with the other women. Looking in the
mirror made her simply hotter and she was starting to wet her
knickers again.
All three women left their rooms at basically the same time
and stared at what greeted them. Each cast an appraising glance
up and down the others. Jennifer found herself getting even
hotter as felt the eyes of the other two on her body. She
thought that there was something very sexy and forbidden about
the other two dressing in the way they did. Slave Dianne looked
like a real sluttish school girl in her uniform, while Slave
Karen’s body was just hidden from view through the sheer silk of
her Nun’s habit.
They hurried down the hall. At its end was waiting the man
with the whip again. He motioned them to stop and looked them
each up and down. “Perfect wenches, perfect. You each look like
the slut you are. I am Slave Brian. I am our Mistress’s Major
Domo and am her chief slave. You will obey me as you would our
Mistress. Is that understood?” He asked menacingly. “Yes,”
answered each of the girls in turn a little frightened by his
fierce, bearded visage.
He conducted them down the hallway and into the back of the
house. He showed them into the kitchen, which is keeping with
the house was enormous. Working furiously around the kitchen
were a man and a woman obviously attempting to prepare a large
meal. They ignored the new arrivals almost completely.
Obviously having three young women dressed in rather strange
costumes suddenly appear in the kitchen was not an uncommon
occurrence in this house.
“This way sluts. Your just in time. The first course is
about to be served. Here, take up a tray each and enter the
dining room.” Ordered Slave Brian.
Each girl picked up a large covered tray from the table and
carried it through the door he indicated and into the large
dining room. It was simply enormous! Down the centre stretched
a long table on which was already piled considerable amounts of
food. Seated at the head of the table, in a large thronelike
chair, was their Mistress. She was dressed in a costume made up
of flaming red silk, which was cut so deep that her crutch was
nearly displayed. Upon their entry she brightened slightly and
looked at them with some interest. After they had placed their
dishes upon the table they turned to go, but were caught up short
by a command from their Mistress. She then ordered them, “to
attend her.”
Moving to comply they took up positions behind their
Mistress’s chair. As the meal progressed each became aware of
their own hunger, watching their Mistress eating and drinking.
Suddenly their Mistress said, “Jennifer. Come here.” Jennifer
hurried to obey and knelt at the feet of their Mistress. Her
Mistress looked down on her and then smiled. “Are you hungry my
little lovely?”
“Oh, yes Mistress, I’m very hungry!” Blurted out Jennifer.
“Would you like some food? Perhaps some drink?” “Yes please
Mistress, if it pleases you.” Her Mistress reached up to the
table and found a small piece of fruit, a strawberry. She feed
it, plus some more to her slave who eagerly consumed the food.
Her Mistress then said to her pretty little harem girl. “I want
you to dance now wench. I want you to display your charms and
your body as you have never displayed them to me, and you know
what will happened if I’m not pleased with it!” She clapped her
hands and a curtain at one end of the room pulled back to reveal
a small combo of musicians who were naked. There were several
large black men, plus a small Asian woman and a couple of blonde
men. They were seated or standing in front of a variety of
instruments. Music suddenly filled the room. It was primitive,
yet sophisticated African music with a deep booming beat.
Jennifer jumped to her feet, anxious to avoid any possible
punishment. She danced around the room, swaying her body to the
sensual beat. As she danced she felt her body becoming lighter,
easier to move. It seemed that she had become almost one with
the music. She felt herself becoming more light headed as she
danced. Moving her body, feeling the light, diaphranious silk
rubbing against her body. She felt her nipples becoming erect
as she noticed the other slaves and her Mistress’s eyes upon her
as she danced. As she twirled past her Mistress she noticed her
foot keeping time with the music. Suddenly she heard her
Mistress announce, “Carlos, join her on the dance floor!”
Before she knew it she was dancing now with a large black
man who was naked except for a small breechclout which hung
before crutch. As felt his naked arms enfold her body, rubbing
along it, she felt her small sheer costume pull up into her
crutch and give her inflamed lips a small rub. She felt him
catch her up and her breasts rubbed against his broad muscular
chest deliciously. Glancing at her Mistress she saw a small
smile flit across her face as Dianne in her slut schoolgirl
outfit bent down between her legs and began to lick her pussy.
Carlos was a divine dancer. He seemed to be able to move
his body perfectly in time to the music like a big, black ballet
dancer. His body glistened as he seemed to anticipate each and
every move of her body. He was there in her arms when she needed
him to be and he was twirling around her body when he needed to
be. Suddenly as he danced he reach behind himself and release
his breechclout, revealing his magnificent body in all its glory.
His cock was huge, at least a foot long, or so it seemed to her.
She automatically fell to her knees in front of such a
vision, wishing to worship it for all its worth. As she reached
forward toward it, she heard her Mistress’s voice crack across
her consciousness, “What! Who told you to stop dancing slut?
For that your going to be punished!”
“Carlos, pick her up and bring her!” Jennifer was surprised
when Carlos, with a small smile on his face bent forward and
pulled her to her feet and picked him up in his huge arms. He
followed their Mistress out of the room and down the hallway.
Into another doorway they found they were in what appeared to be
gymnasium. Inside were assorted exercise equipment, including
benches and machines. As they had walked along she had felt
Carlos’s cock nudging against her bum, rubbing it deliciously
through her costume. She had shivered a little at the thoughts
which were racing through her head about the possibilities of
such a huge male member entering her body, her mouth, her cunt,
even her arsehole!
As they walked she glanced at their Mistress’s back,
outlined beautifully in the flaming scarlet silk which encased
it and her delightfully pert little bottom. Once inside the room
their Mistress commanded Carlos to place her on her own feet.
As she stood there she leaned against Carlos, feeling his hard
well muscled body against her. “Carlos! Take her over to that
bench there and place her on it. Lying down, of course.”
Commanded their Mistress in her harshest voice.
“Now whore, when are you going to learn to obey my commands
properly?” Asked her Mistress. Jennifer searched quickly for an
answer but all that came out was a pitiful little, “I’m s-s-sorry
Mistress. I was just….well overcome by the sight of such a
mighty cock as Carlos’s.”
Her Mistress had moved close to Jennifer who was lying flat
on her back on a small exercise bench which only supported her
back. “Mmmmmm. I can understand that. However you still, I
think require some punishment just to prove the point that you
should only have my instructions and how you are going to attempt
to fulfil them to the best of your ability in your mind. It
would appear that your a little too easily distracted. Isn’t
that right slut?” Said her Mistress as her hand suddenly reached
forwards and painfully tweaked one of her nipples. Jennifer
jumped a little and replied as quickly as possible, “Y-yesss!
“Good slut. Now for you punishment I think I shall have
Carlos here rape you. Would you like that? To feel his monster
cock ripping into your cunt, forcing it open as wide as it can
go, forcing its way inside your body wench?”
“Gulp!” Was the only answer that escaped Jennifer’s throat
as she looked up at Carlos, who had a big white grin splitting
his black face as his hand reached down and stroked his huge cock
from top to bottom, pulling the foreskin tighter, making it
appear even bigger than it was. “Please Mistress, I’m too small.
I could never take such a cock! Please Mistress, have some
“Mercy? Don’t you realise yet Jennifer, that you are mine,
to do with what I want? I am _your_Mistress. I make the
decisions as to what is to occur. I think though we will make
this a little more entertaining. Girls! Get some rope out of
that chest over there and tie Carlo’s left hand to behind his
back. Also tie some rope from his hand, down between his legs
and around the base of his cocks and balls. Make sure it tight!”
The other two girls hurried to obey, fearful of the
consequences if they failed to carry out their Mistress’s
commands properly. They took his left hand and making a loop of
rope placed it over his wrist. Then they wound it around his
waist several times, making sure it was secure. They then took
the rope under his thigh and around to the front of his crutch.
He looked down with amusement on his face as they were faced by
his gigantic cock which seemed almost to throb and glow with a
life of its own. One girl tried to place her hands around it and
his balls, pulling them out from his body as the other wrapped
the rope around his cock. They tied it tight, making sure that
it didn’t pinch too much though.
“Now my lovely, to make it a little more interesting we will
make sure that Carlos is blindfolded.” Said her Mistress as she
handed a strip of dark coloured cloth to one of the other women
to tie around his head. “Lead them both through that door over
there girls and then lock it.” She said pointing towards a door
at the end of the room.
Jennifer felt herself being pulled to her feet by Karen who
then led her to the doorway, thrusting her through. She was
followed by Carlos who’s cock appeared to have grown even bigger
and larger. Inside she found a bare room about 30 feet square
which was brightly lit and had a padded floor and walls.
Glancing up she noticed that there was a balcony about ten feet
up on the wall which went right around the room. Her Mistress
followed by the other two women entered and stood at the railing
looking down.
Jennifer thought that perhaps one more plea might work at
called to her Mistress, “Please Mistress, I’m sorry, I will do
anything you command! Please, oh, please!” Her Mistress just
looked down and smiled cruelly and called out, “Carlos! She’s
yours now. Do what you want with her.” Jennifer saw an even
bigger grin grow on his face as he cocked his head, listening for
some sign as to her location in the room.
Her first instinct was to run to the door and try it.
However she knew it would be locked at that would only give her
location away. So instead she quietly slid her bare foot to one
side and moved quietly backwards into the wall. She could see
Carlo’s head slowly moving from side to side, trying to hear her.
It had grown very quiet in the room. It seemed as if her
breathing was thundering in and out of her lungs. She tried to
quieten herself even further. Suddenly as she put one foot
behind her, a light on the wall above her head lit up and a small
buzzer next to it sounded. She jumped! Carlos suddenly bounded
towards her. She dodged to one side, just slipping through his
fingers. As she moved she heard more buzzers and saw more lights
light up as she ran around the edge of the room. She suddenly
realised that it would not be quite so easy to simply stay quiet.
Her Mistress had wired the floor so that her location would be
a give away!
Carlos was close behind her. She could see his huge black
form moving easily along on those magnificent legs. Suddenly she
had an idea and dodged into the middle of the room. The lights
stopped and the buzzers ceased. Carlos blundered on for a few
steps and then halted. She looked at his body, covered with a
small sheen of sweat. His huge cock jutted obscenely out from
his body, and waggled up and down with each small step. He was
slightly stooped over in an effort to ease some of the tension
on the rope around his cock and balls. This simply made him
appear even more animal like. He’d started turning his head,
seeking another slight noise from her. She wondered how long
this was going to last before he realised just where she was.
He moved slightly and another buzzer sounded. And he jumped
towards it. However as it continued to sound and he searched
around with his free arm he appeared to realise that he was the
one making the detector work. When he moved back towards the
centre of the room, the buzzer stopped and the light above it
went dim again. Jennifer watched, the tension building in her
body as he moved slowly around the room, testing the limits of
the buzzers. He quickly discovered that the floor had been
divided up into 10 foot deep by 5 foot wide squares and each
buzzer was slightly different in tone to the other. That left
a section of floor of about 10 feet in the middle where the floor
was silent.
The other two girls were standing in the balcony overlooking
the floor with their Mistress who was seated in a chair. Their
Mistress had summoned them to follow her after they had led the
two “contestants” into the chamber spread before them. As they
waited, Dianne thought about the man who they had just been tying
up down below in the Gymnasium. She had helped tie his
magnificent cock with the help of Karen. Her hands had barely
been able to go around it and she had smelt his maleness so close
to her. As she stood there she felt herself beginning to go very
wet thinking about how nice it would be to play with such a huge
cock. To run her hands along its full length, to lick her tongue
around its big, blackish head and to feel it forcing her mouth
open. She could have worshiped such a cock if she had been able
to. To tell the truth she was a little bit jealous of Jennifer.
The lucky bitch! To feel that cock fucking inside you, those
huge balls slamming up against her cunt lips, brushing against
her arsehole. “Mmmmmm. What I could do with such a toy,” she
thought to herself.
After her Mistress had become seated she had signalled to
Karen to attend her. Karen had immediately fallen to her knees
in front of her and moved between her legs to start licking at
her cunt. She discovered that her Mistress was already wet and
that her pussy lips were protruding each side of the narrow
crutch band of the flaming red silk costume. She slowly ran her
tongue up one leg and then down the other. She then felt her
Mistress grab her head and force it back to her pussy, thrusting
her hips forward and grinding her cunt into her slut slave’s
face. She eagerly began to lick each lip as they protruded each
side of the crutch band and then she had discovered the press
stud fastening it closed. When she released it, she heard a
large sigh come from her Mistress and a redoubled grinding of her
hips against her face. At the same time she heard muffled
screams coming from the floor below where evidently the action
had begun to heat up.
Dianne stood watching as Jennifer attempted to elude the
huge black man as he searched around the room. Evidently he had
worked out the secret of the buzzers, discovering the “safe” area
in the centre of the floor where Jennifer was standing rigidly
trying not to move. As she stood there she felt herself becoming
more excited at the tension which was evident in the room.
Carlos was slowly moving around, swinging his arm back and forth,
trying to listen for any sound which could emanate from Jennifer.
Suddenly her Mistress motioned her closer. Bending over her
Mistress planted a large, wet kiss on her mouth, her tongue
darting inside her mouth. She reacted instantly falling to her
knees and placing her arms around her Mistress, hugging her
closely as their tongues entwined in each other’s mouth. Her
Mistress broke the contact and whispered into her ear with a
small giggle, “Lets liven the show up a little shall we wench?
Do you see that small control panel over there on the railing?”
“Yes Mistress,” she replied, wishing that she could go on
kissing her. “Well slut, go over there and flick the red
switch,” commanded her Mistress. She scrambled to comply. As
soon as she had achieved what she had been ordered to do, she
glanced over the railing. A very loud raucous buzzer, completely
different in note to the others had begun to sound and the light
on the wall behind Jennifer who was standing trembling had lit
up. She watched as Jennifer jumped and ran around the room,
attempting to dodge the huge black man who was chasing her. As
she ran the different sounding buzzers would sound and the lights
lit up. Suddenly she discovered that the very centre of the room
was “dead”. The buzzers stopped as she ran across the small five
foot square piece of floor. They started again though as soon
as her feet contacted the floor on the other side. Jennifer
continued to run around the room, leading Carlos further from the
centre. Then she dodged past him and stood exactly in the centre
of the room. All the noise and lights ceased just as suddenly.
Jennifer was standing in the middle of the room, quietly
edging around the edge of the safe zone, avoiding the slow but
sure advance of Carlos. As she stood there she watched him
walking slowly around. His huge cock was still very hard and
jutting out from his crutch. She found herself thinking of what
she would have liked to do with that cock if the situation was
a little bit better. As she did so she noticed that her nipples
were erect, poking through the thin silk of her dancing costume
and that her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. She shuffled
on a few more steps and a little gasp escaped her mouth when she
felt just how wet she was when her costume rubbed against her
pussy. Suddenly she noticed a movement on the balcony. She
glanced up to see Karen busy between the legs of their Mistress,
obviously doing her pleasurable duty. She then saw Dianne
motioned to come closer and then after being kissed go to the
small panel on the railing. She was taken totally by surprised
and jumped just in time to avoid Carlos’s grasping hand as it
swept past as he ran towards her.
She fled as fast as her legs could carry her, around the
room, the buzzers and lights seeming to chase her. Suddenly she
discovered that the very centre of the room was a new “dead”
zone. Dodging the black man she jumped back onto it, wondering
how long it would be before he discovered that secret of the
room. She got her answer very quickly. Carlos stopped and then
explored the way in the tone of the buzzers changed from the new
zone to the older zone, telling him where he was. Suddenly as
she knew she would have to move again as he appeared to have
gotten the hang of the new system, he jumped sideways! He landed
right next to her and his arm reached out and grabbed her! She
was caught, hard against his broad chest. She struggled as hard
as she could but to no avail. However as she looked up into his
face she realised that while he had her, he couldn’t do anything
with her. With his hand tied behind his back he could grasp, but
couldn’t do anything with her. He couldn’t remove her clothing
and he definitely couldn’t rape her.
Suddenly as she struggled he came to a decision and he
pushed her down on the floor. For the first time he spoke and
his voice was deep and resonate like Paul Robeson (the man who
sang “Old Man River” in the movie Showboat) and seemed to shake
the very room around her, “OK bitch, now we can take this real
easy for you, or we can do it the hard way. Which is it going
to be?” As he spoke his huge hand grasped, nay! It engulfed her
shoulder and he squeezed *hard*. A small gasp of pain escaped
her lips and she realised for the first time that this man could
really hurt her if he wished.
“I-I-I’ll take the e-easy way if I can,” she replied fearful
of what the hard way would be.
“OK then. Suck my cock slut! I want to see your lovely
white lips wrapped around my liquorice stick!” As he said that
he pushed her head against his monstrous cock. Fearful of the
consequences she started to lick his cock. He pushed her a
little harder against his cock and said, “Come on! Suck it white
whore! I want to feel you sucking!” So she tentatively opened
her mouth, trying the circumference of his cock against the oval
of her mouth stretch wide. She felt him push the back of her
head and forcing her forward. Despite his get tough talk, the
pressure was very gentle as she managed to force the head of his
cock past her lips. She could taste the saltiness of his manhood
as it filled her mouth deliciously. However when she wished she
could have paused for a few seconds to adjust to the full size
of his cock, he pushed both the back of her head and his hips
forward, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth. She felt her
jaws before forced open even further, his cock filling her mouth
as it slowly moved inwards. Before though he moved too far he
pulled back. As his cock left her mouth she found herself
looking up at his face where he had a rapt expression on his
face. Again his cock invaded her mouth, forcing itself a little
deeper. She found herself a little sorry as he pulled back and
she gave his huge shaft an extra little flick of her tongue.
Suddenly she felt his hand leave the back of her head and
pull at the shoulder of her costume. Suddenly it ripped under
the pressure as he pulled it away from her body. She realised
that he meant business as he thrust his cock even deeper and
harder into her mouth. She felt it hit the back of her mouth and
start to go down her throat. She gagged but managed to suppress
the sensation as his cock popped into her throat and he back to
fuck her mouth in long, steady strokes. As he did so, she felt
his huge hand pulling her costume away from her body and mauling
her left tit. As he fucked her face she found herself becoming
wetter and wetter between her legs. She reached up and her hands
grasped the shaft of his mighty cock and stroked it as it moved
in and out of her mouth. She feel the blood pulsing inside it.
It seemed to throb with a life on its own and she hefted the
might weight of his balls as they hang down in front of her chin,
wondering at how much come they contained.
He then pulled the cock from her mouth and pushed her down
on the padding of the floor. She felt the full weight of his
body on her’s as he pulled and ripped the remaining scraps of
cloth from her body. Suddenly his mouth was mauling her left
breast and sucking on her nipples. She arched her back,
thrusting it into his mouth, feeling his lips and teeth sucking
as her breasts. He started to bite and nibble at her breasts and
looking down at his magnificent white teeth against his white
lips wrapped around her nipple sent a thrill clear down to her
very wet pussy.
Suddenly he positioned himself between her legs and she felt
the head of his monster cock rubbing her pussy lips. She
panicked at the thought of having such a huge weapon inside
herself and cried out for him to stop! He just laughed and held
onto her all the tighter with his one large arm which was free
and began to thrust into her. It was agony! She felt her pussy
lips being speared open by his cock. It was huge! She felt like
she was being split in half. It was like he was fucking her with
a log, rather than a human cock.
As Dianne watched from the balcony she saw Carlos grab
Jennifer and force her to the floor. He then thrust his hard
cock into her mouth. It seemed that as she watched she saw
Jennifer become more accepting of her fate, starting to make love
to that huge cock. Dianne felt a twinge of jealousy run through
her body as she realised that she wanted to have that cock. As
she stood on the edge of the balcony looking down she imagined
what it was like to suck on that huge weapon. Her hand crept
underneath her school uniform and she spread her legs, slowly
stroking her already wet and streaming pussy. As she spread her
pussy lips and her fingers automatically went to her erect
clitoris. She stroked around it, feeling those delicious thrills
which she had felt so often before when alone thinking about how
nice it would be to be able to take part in her Mistress’s life.
Now she was there, watching as one of her fellow slaves was
being raped by a huge black cock. It was easily the biggest she
had ever seen, except immortalised in latex. She watched
fascinated as Carlos ripped Jennifer’s brief costume from her as
he pumped her mouth with his cock. Jennifer was obviously
starting to be turned on as she reached up and started to stroke
Carlo’s weapon as it thrust in and out of her mouth. From where
Dianne stood she was able to see how much saliva had covered his
cock. It was wet and gleaming, like black steel as he pulled it
from Jennifer’s mouth and pushed her onto her back on the floor.
When he took her breast between his teeth she wondered what
it was like and squeeze her own breasts trying to capture the
feeling. Here she was being a voyeur watching the rape of her
fellow slave and being turned. She saw Jennifer begin to
struggle as she realised what Carlos intended when he positioned
himself between her legs. She watched fascinated, wondering
what it must be like to feel that huge cock thrusting into her
cunt. She saw and heard Jennifer scream as Carlos finally thrust
his cock home as far as possible into her cunt. As she saw it
disappear into Jennifer’s cunt she had a small orgasm and let out
a moan of delight.
She could see Jennifer struggling now, crying, trying to get
away as Carlos began to pound into her cunt. The more she
struggled the more incensed Carlos became though and his cock
pounded harder and harder into her. While he fucked, Jennifer’s
struggles and scratching slowly began to turn to caresses. It
was obvious that she was starting to enjoy the feel of his huge
cock in her cunt and Dianne could hear the cries turn to moans.
Karen was in the meantime totally engrossed in her
Mistress’s cunt. It tasted beautiful and sweet, the way a
woman’s cunt does. Her juices were flowing freely into Karen’s
waiting mouth as her tongue licked and sucked at her Mistress’s
pussy. She had found her clitoris and she was busy sucking and
licking it. Whenever she flicked her tongue over that beautiful
little lovebud she was answered with a clench of the thighs that
surrounded her head and the hands that held her tight into her
Mistress’s crutch tried to force her head a little closer. She
didn’t particularly care that she couldn’t see the show below.
She had a show of her own to contend with and what a show!
As soon as Jennifer felt Carlos’s huge cock enter her she
panicked. She tried to escape, she tried to wriggle out from
underneath him. She bit, hit, scratched and pushed as hard as
she could. All she could think of was the incredible pain inside
her cunt as she felt her pussy being stretched open wide.
However Carlos was too strong for her. By a combination of his
weight and the strength in his own free arm he managed to hold
her in place. She could feel that his cock was nearly right
inside her, stretching further than she had ever been stretched
before, except with the possible except of having given birth.
As she was forced to concentrate on the pain of her cunt being
invaded she realised something strange was happening. She felt
herself being turned on. She could feel a delicious thrill as
her clitoris was rubbed by his rough pubic hair. Her cunt was
being stretched so much her cunt was being forced to stand far
more proud of her pussy than it normally was. It was also being
rubbed from underneath by his cock as it sawed in and out her
Luckily she had been well lubricated by the time it came for
him to fuck her, however even so until the first few strokes had
added more to his already well saliva slimed cock, it hurt.
However once that state had been achieved she felt his cock
sliding in and out. It felt as big as an arm and she felt him
fucking her. With each inwards stroke she could feel him hitting
her cervix, stretching it. With each outward stroke she felt him
leaving a chasm which needed to be filled again. She found
herself beginning to answer each of his thrusts, pushing herself
up to meet his cock.
When that occurred she heard him chuckle in that marvellous
deep voice and say, “Ha, ha, ha! They all give in eventually to
my cock! All you white trash just love to feel a real cock
inside your pussies, now don’t they?” Jennifer found herself
agreeing and calling for him to, “Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Oh!
Fuck me! Fuck me deeper, thats right put that cock inside me!
Oh dear god, fuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Suddenly her world disappeared. Her orgasm was like a
searing white flame which simply engulfed her whole body. She
could no longer see anything except an all enveloping whiteness.
Her clitoris had taken command of her whole body and nothing else
existed except her cunt and this huge cock which was fucking her.
All she could feel was her cunt being savaged by this cock as it
thrust in and out of her.
As Dianne watched she could hear Jennifer calling for Carlos
to fuck her even more strongly. Suddenly Jennifer began to
scream and thrash as her orgasm overwhelmed. Carlos just went
on fuck her and then turned over onto his back keeping his cock
inside her. Dianne felt herself starting to build up to another
come as she watched the transformed Jennifer impaling herself on
Carlos’s cock. She could see Jennifer moving her hips in a
circle as she forced her cunt down on Carlos’s cock. Suddenly
she fainted against his huge chest and her come squirted out of
her cunt, covering his lower body. Dianne watched fascinated as
Carlos pushed her off and positioned her dazed body on all fours
and pushed his cock inside her again. Dianne could only imagine
having such a huge cock, thrusting into her as she squatted
doggie fashion on the floor in front of the big black man.
Suddenly she felt her own pussy starting to build up to a huge
come as she watched Jennifer taking nearly the full length of his
cock inside her. With each outward stroke it appeared as if she
was having an orgasm and her come was coating Carlos’s cock. It
was obviously dripping from her cunt onto the floor, down her
legs. Dianne’s cunt was doing similar things, although on a
smaller scale as she pushed first one, then two and finally three
fingers inside her cunt. While she fucked herself she imagined
what it must be like to be subject to Carlos’s battering ram
As her fingers fucked her cunt she flicked her nipples
through her peek-a-boo bra with her other hand. Suddenly she
felt her come break upon her as she watched Carlos pull his cock
from Jennifer’s cunt, give it a few extra strokes, and covered
her cunt and her arse with a huge explosion of come. As
Jennifer’s cunt and bum were covered with what appeared to be a
gallon of white semen, Dianne felt her knees go weak and she only
just managed to prevent herself from collapsing completely by
grabbing onto the railing at which she stood. Her legs were
covered in her own explosion of come as she felt herself nearly
faint with the intensity of what had occurred.
Karen had progressed from just licking and sucking upon her
Mistress’s cunt to pushing her finger inside. With each outward
stroke of her finger she was rewarded with more sweat nectar as
it gushed out of her Mistress’s cunt. She then began to position
her other hand where she could gain access to her Mistress’s
delightful little back passage. She gently began to rub some of
the excess cunt juice which was escaping her tongue around the
little wrinkled opening. She felt her Mistress move slightly
forward on her seat thus allowing more access to her anus. Her
finger began to find the actual opening and she pushed gently.
It opened up and in went her finger. She could tell her Mistress
like it as the hands that gripped her head pulled it in even
tighter, forcing her cunt against her face. Now she was finger
fucking both holes, feeling her fingers through the thin membrane
that separated each hole. She rubbed them together and proceeded
to fuck her even more urgently. At the same time she wished
someone would take care of her needs. Her own cunt was becoming
saturated as she gave more attention to the job in front of her.
Her pussy was starting to ache with the need of release again,
yet she knew that if she failed in her task just what sort of
punishment awaited her. She remembered the dungeon below the
house and what had transpired there what seemed ages ago but
which had only been a few hours.
Suddenly her face was covered with her Mistress’s come as
she felt her Mistress’s hips jerk up against her face. Her
Mistress thrashed around for what seemed hours and she applied
her tongue and fingers even more diligently to the task in front
of her. She managed to make her Mistress come at least three
times before she felt her Mistress pull her head up from between
her legs. When she realised she was to be rewarded with a kiss
for her effort she felt that she had finally arrived as a sex
slave! She had actually been able to please her Mistress! How
wonderful she thought to herself as she felt her Mistress’s mouth
against her’s, thrusting her tongue inside and licking her own
juices off of her face. As she leaned back she was pleased to
see a big smile on her Mistress’s face.
Her Mistress then said, “Thank you slut. That was a most
enjoyable orgasm. Now!” She called out, “Carlos, pick up that
slut and carry her to her dormitory. These other two sluts can
wash her and care for her there.”
“Yes Mistress!” Boomed back Carlos’s deep voice from other
the railing. “Now you two sluts can help me to my feet. I think
I also need a shower and a chance to rest. After helping me to
my room you two are dismissed.”
“Thank you Mistress,” said Karen demurely.
“Thank you Mistress,” said Dianne quietly as she and her
fellow slave helped their Mistress to her feet and supported her
out of the room.