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The bartender put a glass of soda in front of her, and Kate offered
her wristband to show she had an unlimited account. The blonde bartender
smiled and nodded. Kate picked up the cold drink and downed a gulp, then
another. The cold, bubbly liquid cooled her throat.
As the bartender moved away, Kate asked her a question. “Do you have a
mirror around here anywhere?”
The blonde stopped and turned around, smiling and pointing over
towards some nearby tables. “Over there on the wall, best we can do.”
Kate thanked her and slipped off the stool and strolled over. The
blonde bartender watched her shapely, glistening body walk toward the
mirror. Absentmindedly, the bartender wet her lips with her tongue.
Kate looked into the mirror and saw her reflection, and felt her pussy
twinge again. Looking back at her was a 22 year old redhead, with firm,
pert tits, nice legs, and a shapely figure, but this girl was glistening
wetly in the mirror, and thick streaks, lines, and globs of sperm had
covered most of her face, hair, neck, tits, stomach, ass, and cunt. Kate
stepped closer to the mirror and looked at her face.
Streamers of thick white, glistening globs of sperm ran up and down
her cheeks, into her hair, and across her forehead. The shiny pearlescent
white lines crisscrossed her neck too. Her thick red hair was matted in
places, and others showed white droplets suspended in her curls. Thick
globs of cum oozed slowly down the sweeping curve of her tits, and some of
the droplets were clinging sensuously to her nipples. Kate licked her lips
and slowly returned to her stool.

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I concentrated at my task as hand and began to do anything I could
think of, nuzzling, licking, nibbling, bucking. Cheryl began moving up and
down, moans escaping her lips as she kissed Becky. I worked harder, faster,
anything to give Cheryl the best sensations. Within seconds, I heard her
exhale loudly with an ‘Ooh’ and begin to ‘fuck’ my face, moving up and down
faster and faster. I kept my tongue out and licked anything I could. I could
feel her juices on my face.
She finally came, her pussy hard against my face. Cheryl came for about
twenty seconds, her body tense, her breathing coming out in short gasps.
“Can you do that again, Anne?” She asked me as she lifted herself from
my face about a foot.
“Remember the rule, Cheryl,” admonished Becky. They both got off of me
and helped me to my feet.
“We’ve got so much to show you before our other guest arrives.”
My mind raced with questions about this other guest, but I stayed
silent as they led back to Cheryl’s parents’ bedroom and the big bed with
white satin sheets…

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“We’ll get to that, but first you must learn the most important rule
about the Club. We always try to give more than we receive.” She sat back
between my legs and rubbed my thighs gently, not heading for my pussy, just
exploring in a very slow, and loving way. Cheryl knelt above my head, her
pussy sitting invitingly close. She then moved her knees to my shoulders and
put enough pillows under my shoulders and head to give me perfect access to her
damp pussy.
I tried to remember what Cheryl had done to me, and hoped that my
eagerness, would make up for me inexperience. I explored her lips and found
her clit, hiding away. I lapped like Becky had done, tasting Cheryl’s juices.
“No, no, Anne. Just do what you feel like. We all do it different ways
and that is what makes us each special when we give pleasure. Try again.”
Cheryl’s tone didn’t seem to displeased, but I took her advice and just did
what seemed best. I sucked on her clit, I nuzzled her hair and lips, and I
dove deeply into her with my tongue.
After a while, I realized that the sounds I was hearing were from Becky
and Cheryl necking above me. I didn’t mind, as they both seemed able to pay a
little attention to my breasts. Just enough to keep them tingling and my pussy


Soon, Cheryl’s hands began to wander, unbuttoning my blouse and
slipping between me and the couch to undo the catch on my brassiere. She was
very adept and I felt the straps go loose on my shoulders instantly, my chest
expanding with the freedom she had given my breasts.
Again I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations of kissing
my best friend, another girl. The soft lips, the sweet lipstick, her slick
tongue, the heat of our breaths mingling.
Cheryl slipped her hand under my loose bra and rubbed my breasts,
pinching my nipples until they were hard and big. Meanwhile, Becky had knelt
in front of me. She pushed my legs apart, brought her face up to my crotch
and breathed in deeply. From the look on her face, my white cotton shorts did
nothing to hide my state of arousal. She grabbed the snap on the shorts,
popping it quickly and then began to draw my shorts down my legs.
My attention was brought from Becky’s attentions when Cheryl moved to
hold me closely, our kisses becoming more passionate than I had imagined. Too
soon, she broke away and helped me take my shirt and bra off, leaving my
throbbing nipples in the air-conditioned cool of her living room. Becky pulled
Cheryl’s pull-over off and deftly removed her bra. Cheryl returned to our tight
torso embrace, our breasts now rubbing each other. Becky slipped a finger under
either side of my panties and pantyhose and pulled them off quickly, leaving
me naked to our desires. Becky pulled my legs apart again and returned her
face to my crotch. I could feel her long hair against my thighs and her head
was pressed to Cheryl’s side.

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Cheryl and I dressed quickly, both of us grinning like fools. I nearly
cleaned out my locker with my extra outfits that I always kept around and my
toiletries. We left for her house in her VW Rabbit. At stoplights, she’d caress
my knees and twice she ventured a quick kiss on the lips. My mind was racing
with the questions I was having. Was I in love with lesbian sex or with Cheryl?
We arrived at her house and she parked her car in the garage. The other
space was empty, further evidence of her parent’s absence. We came into the
kitchen from the garage and met the rest of the cheerleaders that Cheryl had
invited, Jamie, Becky, and Michelle. They were sitting around the kitchen
table talking about what pizza to get that night. We talked for nearly half
an hour about the game and stuff from school earlier that day. Then, with a
signal from Cheryl, everyone got their drinks (Coke, 7up etc) and tromped into
the living room. The room was pretty spacious and the TV was against the wall
in a sunken area. Around the ‘Pit’ were chairs and a couch, and there were a
few pillows lying at the bottom.
We all sat down and got comfortable, innocently apart until Cheryl got
done starting the VCR and snuggled up to me, her arm around my shoulders and
her breast against my arm. The rest of the girls smiled, but directed their
attention to the TV.
Very quickly, I realized that we were going to watch some porn movies,
and unless I guessed wrongly, I wouldn’t be seeing many men. In fact, it turned
out that they had gotten a hold of some all-girl films. Within in minutes,
the room was practically steaming with desire.
Cheryl began to nuzzle my ear, washing my cheek with her tongue. Becky
reached over from her chair and held my hand as I watched the action on the
screen. I also noticed that Jamie and Michelle had already disappeared.
Just as an intense kissing scene came on, Cheryl froze the picture,
the two stars in a hot embrace. Cheryl drew my head around until our mouths
met, my horniness apparent from my hot and eager kisses. Becky began to caress
my legs, her hands soft and gentle on my pantyhose.

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About ten years ago, I was living with my girlfriend Ginger in a
very nice house located in a middle class neighborhood. We both had
professional jobs – I would travel occasionally, but the majority of
the time I was home. The neighborhood we lived in was inhabited with
couples roughly our age, but most of them had kids and we did not.
Nothing much ever happened in this peaceful midwestern town and nobody
even locked their doors. That’s how this whole thing started.
One afternoon I left work a couple of hours early and went home
to cut the grass. When I arrived, I noticed a neighbor girl’s bicycle
in our front yard but I didn’t think much of it. It belonged to Niki,
a budding young 14 year old girl who lived across the street. Her
parents were both at work and Niki was home from school. I walked into
the house and headed for our bedroom to change my clothes. When I got
to the bedroom door I had the shock of my life. There was Niki, going
through Ginger’s underwear drawer. She would pull out a pair of
Ginger’s panties and hold them to her nose while inhaling deeply. Continue reading My Lesbian Girlfriend

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The first to recover was their mistress. She pushed with
her feet her slaves from between her legs where they had
collapsed into small heap after the intensity of their orgasms.
Their mistress ordered them to their feet. They struggled
to obey as quickly as they could. “Hurry sluts! Hurry! There
are things to be done!”
She stood up and strode from the room bellowing, “Follow me
my whores. It is nearly time for dinner! Go to your rooms and
put on the clothes that are there for you!”
Their Mistress left the room and hurried back up the
corridor and back up into the house. The three girls slowly
followed groggily, still overcome to a large extent by the
intensities of their orgasm. They helped and supported one
another as they staggered up into the house. Continue reading Virgin Lesbos

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“Hurry and finish, Anne. I called your Mom earlier and she said you
could stay at my house this weekend. I’m having a slumber party for the
cheerleading squad because my parents just left for Florida.” She strutted out
of the shower room, her breasts jumping in rhythm and her ass swaying
invitingly. I finished rinsing off and headed for the outer room. I hoped there
wasn’t going to be much slumbering at Cheryl’s house this weekend.

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First, she nuzzled me, her nose sniffing my sexual scents. I could feel
my juices mixing with the water on my leg. Then she grabbed me about my waist,
her hands resting on my buttocks. She dove into my pussy with a relish, her
tongue lapping between my lips, her nose rubbing my clit.
After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was,
far more than I’d ever felt before. I started moving up and down, rubbing
myself on her face. All thoughts were gone except the intense desire to have
an orgasm, to find release for the pressure Cheryl had built in me. I peeked
down and watched her as she lapped at my pussy, my own girl-lover. I think the
newness of the experience and the idea of lesbian love just got me more and
more excited. Within seconds, my vagina started clenching in the spasms of an
orgasm. It was so intense that I starting moaning and biting my lower lip. It
was far stronger than any I’d had with boys.
Just as I began to unclench and relax from the release of the pressure,
Cheryl started again, though now she was more forceful with her tongue and even
began to nip my clit with her teeth.
It didn’t take long for the tension to return to my pelvis, the
hardness to my nipples. Soon, I felt my stomach start to wobble in anticipation
of my second orgasm (the first time I ever had more than one!). As I began to
moan again, Cheryl took my bar of soap and began sliding it back and forth
between my ass cheeks. I’d never felt the sensation of anything back there
before and it pushed me into an orgasm even better than the first.
I finally let go of the water pipe when I felt my legs would hold me
up. Cherly stood up. Her smiling face gleamed with my juices. She gave my a
deep kiss and handed back my soap.

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She parted her lips and began to probe my lips with her tongue,
following their curves until she slipped between them. Her hands began to make
slow caresses of my wet body, paying enough attention to my breasts to get them
to ache for more touches.
Our kisses became longer, and deeper, as each of us drank the other’s
sensuality in. Our bodies moved against each other, excitement charging through
my pussy everytime our nipples touched. For at least ten minutes, we kissed
and caressed like the eager and nervous young lovers we were.
Finally, Cheryl stepped back and asked me to grab a hold of the water
pipe above me. I did so and she began to lather up my body. Again, she paid
special attention to my nipples which got me gyrating my hips a little. I
leaned my head back and concentrated on the sensations Cheryl was giving me.
She wiped off each of my breasts with a hot rough washcloth and began
to suckle me. Her hands caressed my stomach and back as her lips touched my
left breast and her teeth tried to entice milk from it. My whole body seemed
alive with sensations, electric sparks from my breasts to my pussy.
After treating my right breast with the same loving tongue, she began
to move down my body, rinsing me off as she did so.
I felt my legs spreading themselves in anticipation of what I’d always
wanted a girl to do to me. I kept moving my hips around, trying to increase
my sensations with my squirming. When I felt her kneel down, I stopped and

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I just stood there and stared at her gracefully curved breasts, her
firm buttocks, and the triangle of golden brown hair between her legs. As she
lathered her body, I felt myself becoming aroused, my pussy starting to get
warmer, and my nipples starting to tingle.
Cheryl finally looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and began
to lather myself also with my bar of soap, while not taking my eyes off of
Cheryl. After a few minutes, she padded quietly over to me and took my bar of
“Would you be upset if I gave you a kiss, Anne?” she asked. I stood
there gaping at her. All sorts of half remembered dreams started to flood my
mind. She leaned forward to kiss me. I’d never given serious thought to Cheryl
sexually before, but as turned on as I was getting, I ignored my inhibitions
and met her kiss. It was gentle and sweet, totally different from the way
guys had ‘kissed’ me. I began to think that I’d never really been kissed
before Cheryl.
She had pressed her lips lightly to mine and now withdrew a inch. Her
eyes searched mine, their rich coffee brown questioning my cloudy hazel. I
answered by kissing her back, just as gentle, just as lightly. She smiled
brightly and breathed ‘yes’.

Cheril and I

Cheryl had been my best friend since I joined the cheerleading squad
at my College. We would go to the mall together, watch movies together, and
study together.
Cheryl was about 5’9″ (I was a wee bit shorter), and had a figure that
bespoke ‘Modeling Career Here’. I’ll admit that I wasn’t nearly as attractive,
but the guys I dated never seemed to think so.
Anyway, Cheryl really surprised me one night after an exciting football
game. We had gone back to the girls locker room, and I decided to get a shower
before we decided what to do for the evening. Once I was nude and under the hot
spray of the shower, I got very relaxed. I closed my eyes and stood there,
feeling the heat soak into my tired muscles.
I was broken out of my bliss by the sound of another shower head
turning on. Cheryl was standing at the next nozzle, rinsing her hair. I was
surprised to see her buck-naked. Before, we had always pulled curtains between
the showers for privacy.

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Then I started to come down. Breathing deeply to recover my
equilibrium, I could sense I was on the verge of unconsciousness. Angie
moved up to kiss me, and held me. I clung to her, but soon my grip
relaxed and I dropped into a light sleep.

When I awoke, she’d been holding me for almost two hours. She smiled
at me, a smile of deep affection. Her needs had waited, I smiled as
she stroked back my hair and kissed me again.

I wasn’t going to let her just sit there. Inside my heart was bursting
with joy, it was my turn to please her.

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Inside I rejoiced.
Her tongue had discovered my neck though, and she was certainly in
charge. After a few moments of nibbling and kissing my skin below the
hairline on the back of my neck, she pushed me to my back. Her tongue
traced a slow and ever so sensitive trail along my chest and tummy.

When she reached my legs, she very gently worked back and forth from
one leg to the other until she had worked down to my toes, sucking
them, and back to my crotch. I was by now writhing, bucking up
whenever I sensed her near my sex. Her breath tingled in the tiny
hairs, drawing me towards her.

She flitted her little pink tongue across my outer lips, sending a
tingling heat radiating outward wherever she touched. Soon she touched
the hot spot, and a jolt of sensation sent me into a humping wave
motion, now making so much noise the neighbors must hear. I shoved a
hand into my mouth, hoping to suppress the sounds sex brings out.

Her tongue did lazy circles at my sex. It jolted me into stronger and
stronger motions. And she found a way to get those wonderful soft
fingers up to my nipples, rolling them softly, bringing out
surprisingly sharp sensual feelings there too.

A moment later I came. The bus had been a gentle ride. This was
violently rough. I screamed into my fist, still in my mouth. My hair
tossed from side to side as I rolled my head in total sublimation to
the act. Angie had pulled my orgasm from me and it was a strong force,
bouncing me against her face.

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I couldn’t help moaning. She stopped our embrace and unbuttoned my
blouse. I wouldn’t stop her, she was taking charge of our lovemaking,
something I found strangely exciting.

I’d never had a woman at my breasts before. It was delightful to see
her, eyes closed, worshiping my chest with her lips. I watched as her
eyelids fluttered open momentarily, only to shut again in total
pleasure. I’d never felt so sensual and aroused before.

She undressed me as much as possible with her free hands as she
suckled. After a few moments, her red lips released my breasts, and
her hands pulled away my jeans.

Not allowing her to simply strip me and be done, I began to pull her
buttons open. She simply sat. She submitted willingly to my peeling
off her clothing, pulling my fingers to her lips from time to time.

Naked, we sat together, side by side. I carefully explored her body
with my fingers, trying to elicit the moans from her to match the
moans I couldn’t hold in. After what felt like moments, but must have
been an eternity, I heard a low tone escape from her lungs.

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I couldn’t swear it happened but I thought she was almost kissing my
neck. The noise of the bus barely covered my moans. I still don’t know
if she heard me. My weak knees dropped me lower, almost certainly into
her large soft bosom. Well not quite, but I could no longer tell.

Her knee wasn’t grinding against me. But it might as well have been,
for shortly I shuddered, a small orgasm whose sounds I squelched to
the best of my ability. I had to have been flushed into a fresh red
tint, but no one other than Angie would have seen it. And she was
still looking over my shoulder.

I thought so anyway.

“Are you all right, Jane?” She sounded concerned as I gasped for

“I’ll be fine as soon as I can get some air…,” I managed, just
barely in control now. I feared her reaction if she knew how she had
come to affect me.

“We’ll get off here then, I don’t want you to faint on the bus.”

“No, No,” I faintly decried the idea, “I’ll be fine, really.”

“I’ll judge that after I have you out of this terrible crowd.”

She dragged me out into cooler air, holding me up in case I fainted.
I wasn’t going to, but by then I knew I’d rather she thought I would,
than she really know what had happened.

We abandoned the shopping trip and started home. I had really wanted a
new dress, but I agreed with her about the crowds being too much. So
we stopped at the corner deli, bought sandwiches and had a picnic in
our company room.

I settled in on the couch. She turned on the TV and sat down with me.
We laughed a bit at a Soap Opera, picking out our favorite actors or
actresses, finding we had lost track of who was sleeping with who.
All the time in classes had kept us from staying current with the
plot twists.

After a few moments Angie turned to me, took my shoulders and pulled
me towards her. She leaned in herself, and gave me a tender,
unquestionably sexual, kiss. Then she pulled back again.

“How do you feel about that?,” she whispered, a twinge of fear in her
voice. I was startled. Here I was terrified she’d find out about my
desire for her, she was screwing up her courage to come on to me.

I wondered for a moment just how accidental her knee in my crotch was
on the bus ride, and then, if she knew how I’d reacted on the statue.
It took seconds to realize I didn’t care. I could find out later.

I put my arms around her neck and pulled her to me. I explored her
lips, those same lips she’d excited me with on the statue and the bus.
I found behind them the soft tongue, and in moments I was lost to the
passion of holding her tightly, her breasts against mine.

She took the next step. It was Angie’s fingers playing along the tips
of my nipples bringing them sharply to attention. I felt the cupping
grasp she used, and her delicate rubbing with thumbs to excite me.

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We tried to face each other to chat, but soon we were bumped so close
together we were looking over each other’s shoulder. Well, not quite.
My head was leaned against Angie’s shoulder. If I were to let my chin
drop, I would have my face buried between her breasts.

Leg room was cramped too. Angie being larger than myself had her knee
almost in my crotch. On top of this her moist breath was once again
raising goose bumps along my neck. I felt my chest tighten, a sharp
breath come into my lungs, and soon my body was moving on it’s own
again from proximity to this creature of my desire.

I don’t know how best to explain it other than to say the potholes in
the road are bad, and the suspension of the bus were equally bad. I
could feel each bump thrust Angie’s knee into my crotch, and my body
was a glowing flame in response.