Multiple lesbian orgasms

First, she nuzzled me, her nose sniffing my sexual scents. I could feel
my juices mixing with the water on my leg. Then she grabbed me about my waist,
her hands resting on my buttocks. She dove into my pussy with a relish, her
tongue lapping between my lips, her nose rubbing my clit.
After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was,
far more than I’d ever felt before. I started moving up and down, rubbing
myself on her face. All thoughts were gone except the intense desire to have
an orgasm, to find release for the pressure Cheryl had built in me. I peeked
down and watched her as she lapped at my pussy, my own girl-lover. I think the
newness of the experience and the idea of lesbian love just got me more and
more excited. Within seconds, my vagina started clenching in the spasms of an
orgasm. It was so intense that I starting moaning and biting my lower lip. It
was far stronger than any I’d had with boys.
Just as I began to unclench and relax from the release of the pressure,
Cheryl started again, though now she was more forceful with her tongue and even
began to nip my clit with her teeth.
It didn’t take long for the tension to return to my pelvis, the
hardness to my nipples. Soon, I felt my stomach start to wobble in anticipation
of my second orgasm (the first time I ever had more than one!). As I began to
moan again, Cheryl took my bar of soap and began sliding it back and forth
between my ass cheeks. I’d never felt the sensation of anything back there
before and it pushed me into an orgasm even better than the first.
I finally let go of the water pipe when I felt my legs would hold me
up. Cherly stood up. Her smiling face gleamed with my juices. She gave my a
deep kiss and handed back my soap.