Lesbian Sensuality

She parted her lips and began to probe my lips with her tongue,
following their curves until she slipped between them. Her hands began to make
slow caresses of my wet body, paying enough attention to my breasts to get them
to ache for more touches.
Our kisses became longer, and deeper, as each of us drank the other’s
sensuality in. Our bodies moved against each other, excitement charging through
my pussy everytime our nipples touched. For at least ten minutes, we kissed
and caressed like the eager and nervous young lovers we were.
Finally, Cheryl stepped back and asked me to grab a hold of the water
pipe above me. I did so and she began to lather up my body. Again, she paid
special attention to my nipples which got me gyrating my hips a little. I
leaned my head back and concentrated on the sensations Cheryl was giving me.
She wiped off each of my breasts with a hot rough washcloth and began
to suckle me. Her hands caressed my stomach and back as her lips touched my
left breast and her teeth tried to entice milk from it. My whole body seemed
alive with sensations, electric sparks from my breasts to my pussy.
After treating my right breast with the same loving tongue, she began
to move down my body, rinsing me off as she did so.
I felt my legs spreading themselves in anticipation of what I’d always
wanted a girl to do to me. I kept moving my hips around, trying to increase
my sensations with my squirming. When I felt her kneel down, I stopped and