Fantasy of lesbian lovers

Kate felt a mini-orgasm course through her body. “That’s hot!” She
said. “Do you like cum in your mouth?”
“It’s okay I guess.” Jennifer said. I’d rather have it in me, or on my
“Titties” Kate thought to herself. That certainly described her small
tits. The nipples were now standing up firm and hard. “How many men had you
thought about?” She asked the girl.
“Oh, five or six.” Jennifer said.
“How about twenty or thirty?” Kate shot back.
Jennifer’s eyes widened. “Twenty or thir…Ohhh!”
“I’d love to suck cum from your pretty little pussy.” Kate said. “And
feel the guys shooting their hot, thick sperm all over our tits and faces.”
“Can you wait fifteen minutes?” Carrie asked, approaching them behind
the bar. “My shift ends then, and I can help you set that up.”
“You can?” Jennifer asked the blonde. “Really?”
Carrie nodded, smiling. “As long as I get some of your pussy too.”
“Sure!” Jennifer said. Her nipples were getting even harder, standing
out like pencil erasers.
Carrie walked away and picked up the phone. She made several calls
while Kate and Jennifer talked about the details of her fantasy. “I imagine
I’m tied up on my knees, with my hands above my head.” She began, “and my
feet are tied wide apart, behind me, making me lean forward so my pussy is
exposed, and a girl is tied up underneath me, eating me out. Then the men
come in and take turns fucking me, cumming quickly and filling me with cum.
Each time they pull out, I can feel their sperm running out of me, and the
girl licking it up. I get wetter and wetter from all the cum, and it’s all
over my ass too.”