Eager Girls Kissing

Cheryl and I dressed quickly, both of us grinning like fools. I nearly
cleaned out my locker with my extra outfits that I always kept around and my
toiletries. We left for her house in her VW Rabbit. At stoplights, she’d caress
my knees and twice she ventured a quick kiss on the lips. My mind was racing
with the questions I was having. Was I in love with lesbian sex or with Cheryl?
We arrived at her house and she parked her car in the garage. The other
space was empty, further evidence of her parent’s absence. We came into the
kitchen from the garage and met the rest of the cheerleaders that Cheryl had
invited, Jamie, Becky, and Michelle. They were sitting around the kitchen
table talking about what pizza to get that night. We talked for nearly half
an hour about the game and stuff from school earlier that day. Then, with a
signal from Cheryl, everyone got their drinks (Coke, 7up etc) and tromped into
the living room. The room was pretty spacious and the TV was against the wall
in a sunken area. Around the ‘Pit’ were chairs and a couch, and there were a
few pillows lying at the bottom.
We all sat down and got comfortable, innocently apart until Cheryl got
done starting the VCR and snuggled up to me, her arm around my shoulders and
her breast against my arm. The rest of the girls smiled, but directed their
attention to the TV.
Very quickly, I realized that we were going to watch some porn movies,
and unless I guessed wrongly, I wouldn’t be seeing many men. In fact, it turned
out that they had gotten a hold of some all-girl films. Within in minutes,
the room was practically steaming with desire.
Cheryl began to nuzzle my ear, washing my cheek with her tongue. Becky
reached over from her chair and held my hand as I watched the action on the
screen. I also noticed that Jamie and Michelle had already disappeared.
Just as an intense kissing scene came on, Cheryl froze the picture,
the two stars in a hot embrace. Cheryl drew my head around until our mouths
met, my horniness apparent from my hot and eager kisses. Becky began to caress
my legs, her hands soft and gentle on my pantyhose.