Soon, Cheryl’s hands began to wander, unbuttoning my blouse and
slipping between me and the couch to undo the catch on my brassiere. She was
very adept and I felt the straps go loose on my shoulders instantly, my chest
expanding with the freedom she had given my breasts.
Again I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations of kissing
my best friend, another girl. The soft lips, the sweet lipstick, her slick
tongue, the heat of our breaths mingling.
Cheryl slipped her hand under my loose bra and rubbed my breasts,
pinching my nipples until they were hard and big. Meanwhile, Becky had knelt
in front of me. She pushed my legs apart, brought her face up to my crotch
and breathed in deeply. From the look on her face, my white cotton shorts did
nothing to hide my state of arousal. She grabbed the snap on the shorts,
popping it quickly and then began to draw my shorts down my legs.
My attention was brought from Becky’s attentions when Cheryl moved to
hold me closely, our kisses becoming more passionate than I had imagined. Too
soon, she broke away and helped me take my shirt and bra off, leaving my
throbbing nipples in the air-conditioned cool of her living room. Becky pulled
Cheryl’s pull-over off and deftly removed her bra. Cheryl returned to our tight
torso embrace, our breasts now rubbing each other. Becky slipped a finger under
either side of my panties and pantyhose and pulled them off quickly, leaving
me naked to our desires. Becky pulled my legs apart again and returned her
face to my crotch. I could feel her long hair against my thighs and her head
was pressed to Cheryl’s side.