Tied wrists

“Thanks.” One twin said. “That was good.”
“And you have lovely nipples to suck.” The other said.
“We’d love to join you…” The first said.
“But we have to leave.” Her sister finished.
They said their good-byes, and continued to the room. Jennifer was
feeling very hot now, her hips swaying sensuously with each step. She was
massaging the cum into her right nipple when they entered the room. Inside
was a small room with all sorts of restraining equipment. Kate and Carrie
put the leather wristlets on Jennifer and then on her ankles. Kate reclined
on her back, and Jennifer knelt over her. Carrie tied Jennifer’s ankles to
a pair of rings set into the floor for the purpose. Then, using a chain
that hung from the ceiling, she hoisted Jennifer’s bound wrists high over
her head. Jennifer was strung out, leaning forward slightly, looking down
at Kate’s reddish bush. Carrie put wristlets on Kate, then tied her wrists
together behind Jennifer’s back. She looked them over, and Jennifer was
moaning from Kate’s tongue caressing her sopped snatch. Something was

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Camryn gets a green toy shoved in her.
“What’re the guys doing while they wait?” Kate asked.
“They stand around us, maybe one or two fuck you and make me suck them
afterwards, tasting your pussy and their sperm. Some shoot all over my
titties, and some guy rubs his cum all over my bare mons for you to lick.”
“Hmmm, hot and nasty eh?” Kate chuckled.
“Yeah. Maybe one of them cums in my ass too.” Jennifer said, then
quickly added, “Oh! Did I really say that?!”
Kate laughed. “I’ve had so much cum in my ass that I couldn’t hold it.
Like a sperm-enema!”
Jennifer’s fingers slid between her legs and she began fingering her
clit. “Oh God! That’s so hot!” Kate saw the large, pink clit poking out
from between the girl’s labia.
“Mind if I try a taste?” Kate said, sliding off the stool to her
Jennifer spread her legs and guided Kate’s head to her bare cunt. Kate
began licking Jennifer’s pussy, tasting the slippery cream that flowed from
between her legs. Carrie came back and said things were getting set up in
one of the rooms. The blonde leaned over and looked at Kate sucking the
flat-chested girl’s cunt. “Taste good?”
“Umm-Hmmm” Kate moaned.

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juicy lips.
“Hi.” Kate said, smiling at Jennifer.
“Hi.” Jennifer replied quietly.
“Hey, Tom.” Margaret said, and Kate looked at her friend too. “Why
don’t you try the green room? It’s got just what you’re looking for.”
Tom smiled, and said good-bye to Kate and the other two women.
Kate looked right at Jennifer. “How old are you Jennifer?”
“Eighteen.” She said, blushing and then casting her gaze away from
Kate’s intense green eyes. Jennifer’s eyes locked on the small pool of
sperm that was trickling down between Kate’s breasts.
“This is her first time here.” Margaret said. “She’s never been to an
orgy, so this is all new to her.”

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First, she nuzzled me, her nose sniffing my sexual scents. I could feel
my juices mixing with the water on my leg. Then she grabbed me about my waist,
her hands resting on my buttocks. She dove into my pussy with a relish, her
tongue lapping between my lips, her nose rubbing my clit.
After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was,
far more than I’d ever felt before. I started moving up and down, rubbing
myself on her face. All thoughts were gone except the intense desire to have
an orgasm, to find release for the pressure Cheryl had built in me. I peeked
down and watched her as she lapped at my pussy, my own girl-lover. I think the
newness of the experience and the idea of lesbian love just got me more and
more excited. Within seconds, my vagina started clenching in the spasms of an
orgasm. It was so intense that I starting moaning and biting my lower lip. It
was far stronger than any I’d had with boys.
Just as I began to unclench and relax from the release of the pressure,
Cheryl started again, though now she was more forceful with her tongue and even
began to nip my clit with her teeth.
It didn’t take long for the tension to return to my pelvis, the
hardness to my nipples. Soon, I felt my stomach start to wobble in anticipation
of my second orgasm (the first time I ever had more than one!). As I began to
moan again, Cheryl took my bar of soap and began sliding it back and forth
between my ass cheeks. I’d never felt the sensation of anything back there
before and it pushed me into an orgasm even better than the first.
I finally let go of the water pipe when I felt my legs would hold me
up. Cherly stood up. Her smiling face gleamed with my juices. She gave my a
deep kiss and handed back my soap.

Lesbian Sensuality

She parted her lips and began to probe my lips with her tongue,
following their curves until she slipped between them. Her hands began to make
slow caresses of my wet body, paying enough attention to my breasts to get them
to ache for more touches.
Our kisses became longer, and deeper, as each of us drank the other’s
sensuality in. Our bodies moved against each other, excitement charging through
my pussy everytime our nipples touched. For at least ten minutes, we kissed
and caressed like the eager and nervous young lovers we were.
Finally, Cheryl stepped back and asked me to grab a hold of the water
pipe above me. I did so and she began to lather up my body. Again, she paid
special attention to my nipples which got me gyrating my hips a little. I
leaned my head back and concentrated on the sensations Cheryl was giving me.
She wiped off each of my breasts with a hot rough washcloth and began
to suckle me. Her hands caressed my stomach and back as her lips touched my
left breast and her teeth tried to entice milk from it. My whole body seemed
alive with sensations, electric sparks from my breasts to my pussy.
After treating my right breast with the same loving tongue, she began
to move down my body, rinsing me off as she did so.
I felt my legs spreading themselves in anticipation of what I’d always
wanted a girl to do to me. I kept moving my hips around, trying to increase
my sensations with my squirming. When I felt her kneel down, I stopped and

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I couldn’t help moaning. She stopped our embrace and unbuttoned my
blouse. I wouldn’t stop her, she was taking charge of our lovemaking,
something I found strangely exciting.

I’d never had a woman at my breasts before. It was delightful to see
her, eyes closed, worshiping my chest with her lips. I watched as her
eyelids fluttered open momentarily, only to shut again in total
pleasure. I’d never felt so sensual and aroused before.

She undressed me as much as possible with her free hands as she
suckled. After a few moments, her red lips released my breasts, and
her hands pulled away my jeans.

Not allowing her to simply strip me and be done, I began to pull her
buttons open. She simply sat. She submitted willingly to my peeling
off her clothing, pulling my fingers to her lips from time to time.

Naked, we sat together, side by side. I carefully explored her body
with my fingers, trying to elicit the moans from her to match the
moans I couldn’t hold in. After what felt like moments, but must have
been an eternity, I heard a low tone escape from her lungs.

First Lesbian Experience

Angie was my first friend away from home.

We shared an apartment on the east side of campus. It was a dingy
little one bedroom affair, with too little light to really grow house
plants. But we made the best of it, my bed on one side of the room,
hers on the other, and in the middle, two ragged looking dressers.
Our bras and other unmentionables drying side by side over the tub
in the bathroom.

We got a bunch of fluorescent lamps to make the place brighter and
managed to grow a hand full of homely looking green things that we
called plants. The cats, we had two, would occasionally attack the
stringy shoots, doing mild damage. Yet they grew anyway, sickly though
they might seem.

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Julie just lay there, sweating heavily in the unseasonably warm night
air, panting to catch her breath. She was surrounded by a dreamy fog, her
whole body tingling and alive, yet limp as a wet towel. Her arms were
folded across her succulent little breasts, covering both her large, dark
nipples. She felt the warmth of her lover on her lower body, gently
placing light, soft kisses here and there. It was such a wonderfully warm
night and Julie loved the way she felt, just after her earth-shattering
orgasm. For the moment she forgot that this would be the last time she
shared a bed nightly with her lover of three years. Continue reading Teenage Virgins Lesbo Sex

Lesbian Babysitter

There was nothing on TV but the news, and it was boring. I turned
it off and went to check on Leanne. She was tucked into her crib and
was fast asleep. I sat on the bed and looked at her. She was such a
cute little girl. Her mother, Jessica, needed me to babysit last night
because she was going to a special meeting they were having at her
work and she couldn’t miss it.

Jessica was a nice, friendly person, a 32 year old single mother.
She had gotten pregnant on a one night stand and just had Leanne 7
months ago. I had 11 years before I hit 32 and I hoped that I would be
married in a few years. I am of the belief that you should be married
before you get pregnant, and made sure that all of the men I went to
bed with used those latex condoms. I had no intention of becoming
pregnant whatsoever. Not only that, I still lived at home and my
parents would kill me. Continue reading Lesbian Babysitter