My Lesbian Girlfriend

About ten years ago, I was living with my girlfriend Ginger in a
very nice house located in a middle class neighborhood. We both had
professional jobs – I would travel occasionally, but the majority of
the time I was home. The neighborhood we lived in was inhabited with
couples roughly our age, but most of them had kids and we did not.
Nothing much ever happened in this peaceful midwestern town and nobody
even locked their doors. That’s how this whole thing started.
One afternoon I left work a couple of hours early and went home
to cut the grass. When I arrived, I noticed a neighbor girl’s bicycle
in our front yard but I didn’t think much of it. It belonged to Niki,
a budding young 14 year old girl who lived across the street. Her
parents were both at work and Niki was home from school. I walked into
the house and headed for our bedroom to change my clothes. When I got
to the bedroom door I had the shock of my life. There was Niki, going
through Ginger’s underwear drawer. She would pull out a pair of
Ginger’s panties and hold them to her nose while inhaling deeply. Continue reading My Lesbian Girlfriend

First Lesbian Experience

Angie was my first friend away from home.

We shared an apartment on the east side of campus. It was a dingy
little one bedroom affair, with too little light to really grow house
plants. But we made the best of it, my bed on one side of the room,
hers on the other, and in the middle, two ragged looking dressers.
Our bras and other unmentionables drying side by side over the tub
in the bathroom.

We got a bunch of fluorescent lamps to make the place brighter and
managed to grow a hand full of homely looking green things that we
called plants. The cats, we had two, would occasionally attack the
stringy shoots, doing mild damage. Yet they grew anyway, sickly though
they might seem.