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I just stood there and stared at her gracefully curved breasts, her
firm buttocks, and the triangle of golden brown hair between her legs. As she
lathered her body, I felt myself becoming aroused, my pussy starting to get
warmer, and my nipples starting to tingle.
Cheryl finally looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and began
to lather myself also with my bar of soap, while not taking my eyes off of
Cheryl. After a few minutes, she padded quietly over to me and took my bar of
“Would you be upset if I gave you a kiss, Anne?” she asked. I stood
there gaping at her. All sorts of half remembered dreams started to flood my
mind. She leaned forward to kiss me. I’d never given serious thought to Cheryl
sexually before, but as turned on as I was getting, I ignored my inhibitions
and met her kiss. It was gentle and sweet, totally different from the way
guys had ‘kissed’ me. I began to think that I’d never really been kissed
before Cheryl.
She had pressed her lips lightly to mine and now withdrew a inch. Her
eyes searched mine, their rich coffee brown questioning my cloudy hazel. I
answered by kissing her back, just as gentle, just as lightly. She smiled
brightly and breathed ‘yes’.

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A few more movements on her part and I was panting. I tried to cover
it up, but I felt sure she must hear it. She must know, my body was
adding it’s own motions, grinding the statue against my crotch. But I
bite down, suppressing the sounds trying to escape from my throat. I
fought to hide, not only from the pursuing frat members, but from the
girl who had quietly become my best friend.

Her fingers rested on my waist, and moved to my hips as she continued
to check for our victims. For myself, every touch she made brought
more heat to my cheeks. I could even imagine feeling her nipples
rubbing against my back. I prayed to myself for a soft gentle orgasm,
that she not know how her body had aroused me.

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“Hsst,” Angie’s warm breath whispered into my ear. “I’ll try to
stretch, see if I still see them in the field below.”

My view was obstructed both by tree and statue alike, so I simply
nodded. She humped herself up a bit, her hands on my hips. She soon
found a hole she could peek through, and dropped back down again.

Her breath was hot, not warm, as she breathed against the back of my
neck. I could feel the small hairs stiffen there in response.

“They’re still out there, Jane.” She held on to my hips. I felt very
unusual, trapped on top of a statue with my roomie, a stolen Frat
banner in my hands. Fear had vanished, a certain conspiratorial
sensation drew me closer to Angie in that moment. A sense of
comradery, perhaps a sense of close affection.

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