Pulling Lesbian Orgasm

Inside I rejoiced.
Her tongue had discovered my neck though, and she was certainly in
charge. After a few moments of nibbling and kissing my skin below the
hairline on the back of my neck, she pushed me to my back. Her tongue
traced a slow and ever so sensitive trail along my chest and tummy.

When she reached my legs, she very gently worked back and forth from
one leg to the other until she had worked down to my toes, sucking
them, and back to my crotch. I was by now writhing, bucking up
whenever I sensed her near my sex. Her breath tingled in the tiny
hairs, drawing me towards her.

She flitted her little pink tongue across my outer lips, sending a
tingling heat radiating outward wherever she touched. Soon she touched
the hot spot, and a jolt of sensation sent me into a humping wave
motion, now making so much noise the neighbors must hear. I shoved a
hand into my mouth, hoping to suppress the sounds sex brings out.

Her tongue did lazy circles at my sex. It jolted me into stronger and
stronger motions. And she found a way to get those wonderful soft
fingers up to my nipples, rolling them softly, bringing out
surprisingly sharp sensual feelings there too.

A moment later I came. The bus had been a gentle ride. This was
violently rough. I screamed into my fist, still in my mouth. My hair
tossed from side to side as I rolled my head in total sublimation to
the act. Angie had pulled my orgasm from me and it was a strong force,
bouncing me against her face.

Lesbian Sexual Fun

Lesbian Sexual Fun
We slipped into the apartment an hour later, our trophy in our hands.

Relief washed over us. I gave her a roomie hug, and dropped the trophy
into her dresser drawer. It was really her prize. She should keep it
to remember our fun.

After that night though, my view of Angie changed. I knew she aroused
me, even if she didn’t. I could no longer look at her without seeing
the tender fingers which had brought the tingling arousal through my
hips, the breasts that rolled against my back, and the lips that had
brushed so softly along my neck. Sometimes, just looking at her
lovely face brought the goose bumps back.

First Lesbian Experience

Angie was my first friend away from home.

We shared an apartment on the east side of campus. It was a dingy
little one bedroom affair, with too little light to really grow house
plants. But we made the best of it, my bed on one side of the room,
hers on the other, and in the middle, two ragged looking dressers.
Our bras and other unmentionables drying side by side over the tub
in the bathroom.

We got a bunch of fluorescent lamps to make the place brighter and
managed to grow a hand full of homely looking green things that we
called plants. The cats, we had two, would occasionally attack the
stringy shoots, doing mild damage. Yet they grew anyway, sickly though
they might seem.

Teenage Virgins Lesbo Sex

Julie just lay there, sweating heavily in the unseasonably warm night
air, panting to catch her breath. She was surrounded by a dreamy fog, her
whole body tingling and alive, yet limp as a wet towel. Her arms were
folded across her succulent little breasts, covering both her large, dark
nipples. She felt the warmth of her lover on her lower body, gently
placing light, soft kisses here and there. It was such a wonderfully warm
night and Julie loved the way she felt, just after her earth-shattering
orgasm. For the moment she forgot that this would be the last time she
shared a bed nightly with her lover of three years. Continue reading Teenage Virgins Lesbo Sex