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I concentrated at my task as hand and began to do anything I could
think of, nuzzling, licking, nibbling, bucking. Cheryl began moving up and
down, moans escaping her lips as she kissed Becky. I worked harder, faster,
anything to give Cheryl the best sensations. Within seconds, I heard her
exhale loudly with an ‘Ooh’ and begin to ‘fuck’ my face, moving up and down
faster and faster. I kept my tongue out and licked anything I could. I could
feel her juices on my face.
She finally came, her pussy hard against my face. Cheryl came for about
twenty seconds, her body tense, her breathing coming out in short gasps.
“Can you do that again, Anne?” She asked me as she lifted herself from
my face about a foot.
“Remember the rule, Cheryl,” admonished Becky. They both got off of me
and helped me to my feet.
“We’ve got so much to show you before our other guest arrives.”
My mind raced with questions about this other guest, but I stayed
silent as they led back to Cheryl’s parents’ bedroom and the big bed with
white satin sheets…

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“We’ll get to that, but first you must learn the most important rule
about the Club. We always try to give more than we receive.” She sat back
between my legs and rubbed my thighs gently, not heading for my pussy, just
exploring in a very slow, and loving way. Cheryl knelt above my head, her
pussy sitting invitingly close. She then moved her knees to my shoulders and
put enough pillows under my shoulders and head to give me perfect access to her
damp pussy.
I tried to remember what Cheryl had done to me, and hoped that my
eagerness, would make up for me inexperience. I explored her lips and found
her clit, hiding away. I lapped like Becky had done, tasting Cheryl’s juices.
“No, no, Anne. Just do what you feel like. We all do it different ways
and that is what makes us each special when we give pleasure. Try again.”
Cheryl’s tone didn’t seem to displeased, but I took her advice and just did
what seemed best. I sucked on her clit, I nuzzled her hair and lips, and I
dove deeply into her with my tongue.
After a while, I realized that the sounds I was hearing were from Becky
and Cheryl necking above me. I didn’t mind, as they both seemed able to pay a
little attention to my breasts. Just enough to keep them tingling and my pussy


Soon, Cheryl’s hands began to wander, unbuttoning my blouse and
slipping between me and the couch to undo the catch on my brassiere. She was
very adept and I felt the straps go loose on my shoulders instantly, my chest
expanding with the freedom she had given my breasts.
Again I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations of kissing
my best friend, another girl. The soft lips, the sweet lipstick, her slick
tongue, the heat of our breaths mingling.
Cheryl slipped her hand under my loose bra and rubbed my breasts,
pinching my nipples until they were hard and big. Meanwhile, Becky had knelt
in front of me. She pushed my legs apart, brought her face up to my crotch
and breathed in deeply. From the look on her face, my white cotton shorts did
nothing to hide my state of arousal. She grabbed the snap on the shorts,
popping it quickly and then began to draw my shorts down my legs.
My attention was brought from Becky’s attentions when Cheryl moved to
hold me closely, our kisses becoming more passionate than I had imagined. Too
soon, she broke away and helped me take my shirt and bra off, leaving my
throbbing nipples in the air-conditioned cool of her living room. Becky pulled
Cheryl’s pull-over off and deftly removed her bra. Cheryl returned to our tight
torso embrace, our breasts now rubbing each other. Becky slipped a finger under
either side of my panties and pantyhose and pulled them off quickly, leaving
me naked to our desires. Becky pulled my legs apart again and returned her
face to my crotch. I could feel her long hair against my thighs and her head
was pressed to Cheryl’s side.

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Lesbian Seducer
I was Harmony’s girlfriend and I loved her. I longed to hold her close, the feeling was eating away at me so
strongly. But I dared not say anything. She would turn on me
immediately, I felt sure.

The next week she went out with some guy she knew from Organic. A
chemistry class of some sort. This brought the entire sensation into a
sharper focus. I watched her dress, putting on a very sexy blouse I’d
helped her pick out. I watched as she put on her makeup, a few simple
touches to accent her already beautiful face. Then I saw her smile at
him, hold his hand and leave.
But still she is mine now :)

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A few more movements on her part and I was panting. I tried to cover
it up, but I felt sure she must hear it. She must know, my body was
adding it’s own motions, grinding the statue against my crotch. But I
bite down, suppressing the sounds trying to escape from my throat. I
fought to hide, not only from the pursuing frat members, but from the
girl who had quietly become my best friend.

Her fingers rested on my waist, and moved to my hips as she continued
to check for our victims. For myself, every touch she made brought
more heat to my cheeks. I could even imagine feeling her nipples
rubbing against my back. I prayed to myself for a soft gentle orgasm,
that she not know how her body had aroused me.

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Hickory was some kind of founding father, sitting atop a large horse
with the feet firmly planted. I hadn’t gotten the story yet about the
purpose of this chunk of bronze, but the bushes had grown up against
the pedestal, a perfect hiding place.

Unfortunately, the frat search party thought so too. So to escape
notice as they approached, we climbed the statue. Me first, then
Angie. I know this doesn’t sound too reasonable as a course of action.
But over the years, the university had allowed the trees about Hickory
to grow freely. Now the leaves and thin branches afforded a certain
amount of concealment.

We got up on good ol’ Hickory’s horse, me right behind him, and Angie
clutching at me in turn directly behind. That’s when it really
started. The rustling in the bushes below soon subsided.

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Julie just lay there, sweating heavily in the unseasonably warm night
air, panting to catch her breath. She was surrounded by a dreamy fog, her
whole body tingling and alive, yet limp as a wet towel. Her arms were
folded across her succulent little breasts, covering both her large, dark
nipples. She felt the warmth of her lover on her lower body, gently
placing light, soft kisses here and there. It was such a wonderfully warm
night and Julie loved the way she felt, just after her earth-shattering
orgasm. For the moment she forgot that this would be the last time she
shared a bed nightly with her lover of three years. Continue reading Teenage Virgins Lesbo Sex