Virgin Teen Lesbians Tina&Marie

Tina Marie & Katie PICS: 179 VIDEOS: 39 min.
Katie and Tina both enjoyed a threesome with their friend Jimmy recently, but they never touched each other. But ever since, they haven’t been able to stop thinking about what it would be like to eat each other’s hot pussies! Now they have a chance to do anything they want with each other, without a stinky ol’ cock to get in the way!
Virgin Teen Lesbians :: A friend’s secret passion…another’s discovery.
Lucy & Pamela PICS: 162 VIDEOS: 40 min. This Week’s Update: Feb 19
Lucy was extremely shy, but her best friend Pamela was a bit more outgoing. Pamela invited Lucy over to hang out, but Lucy had no idea that Pamela intended to trick her into opening her love box! Will Pamela’s plans to uncover Lucy’s hidden treasures succeed? Or will the pink pit of her desires remain forever shut? Find out!!